What’s Ahead for Real Racing 3


Hey Racers,

We know some of you are wondering why Real-Time Multiplayer is App Store and Game Center exclusive, so we thought we’d fill you in.

Real Racing 3 is nearly a year old now, and it’s here to stay. The year ahead is an exciting one, with a long road map of where we want the game to go. One of those places is Real-Time Multiplayer. We know you have all wanted it, and we’ve been wanting it too!

A quality multiplayer experience isn’t a straightforward thing to create. In terms of both design and technology, there are a lot of factors that contribute to creating fun and balanced online gameplay.

As such, we made the decision to release Real-Time Multiplayer on the App Store and Game Center first as it allows us to start delivering on our long-term plans faster than we could otherwise.
We want this to be as awesome as possible, so we want to hear from you!

When the update releases, go and play. Play with friends and strangers. Challenge yourself or simply show off. Tell us what you don’t enjoy and what you love. Let us know how we can make this the best multiplayer racing experience, on mobile or any platform!

The future is exciting, and we’re looking forward to hearing everything you have to say!

-The Real Racing 3 Team


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