The Sims FreePlay Update Brings Pre-Teens to Life

The Sims FreePlay

One of the most anticipated updates is now available to fans of The Sims FreePlay: Pre-teens are here! Now is the time to bake a Birthday Cake and see your toddlers grow into respectable (or irresponsible) pre-teen Sims. Kids can’t stay young forever!

  • Pre-Teens – Bake your toddler a Birthday Cake (players will receive a FREE cake when they update) and you’ll have a pre-teen Sim to take care of!
  • Build a school and send your new pre-teen Sims off to get educated. Get good grades to unlock new items.
  • Take up exciting sports like karate and ballet. As your pre-teens get better, they’ll unlock new items and animations.
  • Explore full sets of clothes, customizations, and salon items for your pre-teens Sims
  • Get your new Sims a trampoline or a lawn slide!
  • “Climb aboard” the Party Boat through Game Center, add neighbors, and boast about your achievements!

The Sims FreePlay encourages gamers to play with life developing storylines for over 18 Sims who all live simultaneously in a world that follow a real 24 hour clock. With a multitude of options in-game, fans can live life their way by dancing all night at the local club or nurturing their romantic relationships with the goal to one day get married and have a baby! In the deepest experience to date for The Sims games on mobile devices, players can build and personalize their towns and Sims by choosing everything from their jobs, pets and even cars in The Sims FreePlay. The fun continues with the newest installments to The Sims Freeplay series. Download the latest update to take the next step on your parenting adventure!

The latest update to The Sims FreePlay is now available on the iTunes App Store and Android. To View Pre-teens in action, please watch the latest video for The Sims FreePlay here.


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