IronMonkey and Firemint become Firemonkeys

EA is bringing together two world leading studios within the mobile space- IronMonkey and Firemint to form Firemonkeys. These two studios have entertained over 50 million players in 2012 alone with stellar titles including Flight Control, SPY mouse and Real Racing from Firemint, along with Mass Effect Infiltrator, Dead Space and The Sims FreePlay from Iron Monkey. Based in Melbourne Australia, both studios have been developing mobile games for over a decade and combining the two teams makes the Firemonkeys Australia’s largest game development studio.

Both teams look forward to the unification with Rob Murray, Executive Producer of Firemint Studios commenting, “IronMonkey and Firemint have solid reputations for producing well-known games and we are excited to have the opportunity to share best practices, technology and resources.”

By aligning the strategy of IronMonkey and Firemint, EA is able to create an even more focused team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to developing high-quality mobile game experiences. This merge in the mobile space will result in positive overall growth for the Firemonkeys team and fans should expect to see progressive development efforts with upcoming launch and project announcements in 2012.

“Both of these studios have produced award-winning games and we believe combining the incredible talent pool in Melbourne, as well as leveraging the EA brand sets us up for further success in the mobile arena,” adds Tony Lay, GM of IronMonkey.

Firemonkeys will continue to work on individual products in addition to collaborating on new ones out of the EA Melbourne office. With the added synergy this partnership creates, fans can expect unique features and new experiences in the brands they have come to know and love.




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